News surrounding Microsofts acquisition of Nokia’s phone division for a whopping $7.2 billion has been all over the news but what does it mean for the average user? What will change for the two and what do Microsoft have in stall for the brand?

What the acquisition means for Microsoft and Nokia

Understanding why Microsoft made the move we need to look at it is they get from purchasing Nokia:

  • Nokia’s smartphone and mobile business – from the manufacturing to the assembly bits
  • Nokia’s staff from the design team to the sales and operations team
  • A shitload of patents (but not all of them)
  • Nokia’s HERE map technology

For Microsoft it also means protecting the future of its Windows Phones by having a hardware division – so you can be sure the Windows Phone will last as long as Microsoft does.

Being sold to Microsoft was probably a lifeline for Nokia as their sales had plummeted YOY – 24% last quarter and 39% in dumbphone sales. They cut and sold off a limb to save itself.

Nokia Microsoft Deal

What Windows Phone owners need to know

Even though this seems like a good move for both brands to work together and develop a better phone, realistically nothing will change for windows smartphone owners. You will continue to be frustrated by the lack of apps and if anything it’ll get even worse because with this deal, it’ll mean Microsofts existing relationship with Samsung and HTC will dry up pretty quickly.

Is there anything worthwhile about owning a windows phone? Please tell us :)

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