Google’s new superphone dubbed the Moto-X Android will be so aware and integrated with its surroundings that it’s going to border on creepy. We love creepy.

Motorola’s CEO Andrew Woodside (who is also an ex Googler) said the high tech sensors on the phone will not only capture things like how fast you’re travelling, so as to not bother you while you’re driving, but will even go as far as to understand the reasons behind certain actions. For example, it will not only know that you’ve taken it out of your pocket – but why – so it can predictively fire up the camera app ready for use.

google-nowWill Google be the creepy girlfriend/boyfriend you’ve never wanted?

Before their purchase of Motorola, Google was outmatched in terms of hardware and software in comparison to the likes of Apple. Now with Google and Motorola essentially as one, the race is on to create the most sophisticated device that will be capable of mining your information, big data style, for unexpected connections. It will truly showcase the power of Android and Googles web services.

This all comes from Googles vision to go beyond search and deliver an answer before it’s asked – the only way they can do that is by stitching together peoples actions and desires, and what better way than something everyone carries around?

It’s no surprise too that when Google releases this phone, it will have a marketing budget 4 times the size of Apple and on par with Samsung advertising spend on smartphones in the US in 2012 – $402 million. Why? Because for predictive search to work, they need to form patterns in user behaviour by crowdsourcing data, and the more the merrier so expect Google to sell the Moto-X Android with very low margins.


Check out the first of many $400 million dollar ads to come!


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