Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Fixstation. If you are considering using the services provided by Fixstation, please ensure that you read and agree with the Terms and Conditions of Service as set out below. If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not continue to use the website or services.

  1. Data

    • It is the customer’s responsibility to back up, save, store any data (including but not limited to: CONTACT NAMES and NUMBERS, IMAGES, MOVIES, GAMES, MP3S, SCREENSAVERS, APPLICATIONS, RINGTONES, PROGRAMS, EMAILS, MESSAGES, SETTINGS) on their device before sending to Fixstation for repair. Fixstation will not be liable for any lost data, valuable or otherwise.
  2. Abandoned Devices

    • Any device in Fixstation’s possession, whether for quote or repair, repaired or unrepaired, and not collected within fourteen (14) days of Fixstation notifying the customer that their device is ready for collection, shall incur a storage fee of twenty-five Australian dollars ($25 AUD) per week. Any device not collected after ninety (90) days shall be considered as abandoned and shall become the legal property of Fixstation to use or dispose of as we see fit. Private data will be erased as per Fixstation’s Privacy Policy.
  3. No Fix No Fee Policy

    • Fixstation operates a ‘no fix-no fee policy’; in the event that your device cannot be repaired, there will be nothing to pay. Fixstation may, at its discretion, decline to attempt a repair, and may decline or cancel any damage/fault that is suspected to be inflicted deliberately or by another repair agent.
    • In the event that Fixstation is not able to repair a device, Fixstation will return the device to the customer. If a repair has been attempted, Fixstation guarantees that the device will be returned in at least ninety percent (90%) of the condition in which it was delivered to us. Fixstation allows a ten percent (10%) margin for error in the case of any unavoidable minor scratches, scuff marks, dust, etc.
  4. Loan Devices

    • If a loan device is provided to the customer while his or her device is being repaired, the customer takes full responsibility for the security and care of the loan device for the duration of the loan term. Further, if any loss or damage is incurred to the loan device, the customer agrees to pay for a replacement device at the current market value.
    • Once Fixstation has notified the customer that his or her own device is ready for collection, the loan device must be returned within forty-eight (48) hours.
  5. Payment

    • Upon notification that their device has been repaired, the customer agrees to pay the invoice within fourteen (14) days. Acceptable methods of payment are via PayPal, bank deposit and all major credit cards. Payment by personal or business cheque is not accepted. Late payment will incur a non-refundable fee of twenty-five Australian dollars ($25 AUD).
  6. Refunds

    • Fixstation guarantees that the customer will be notified of any labour or parts required to repair a device and will always obtain permission before commencing work or ordering parts.
    • Except in the case that parts are faulty, Fixstation will offer no refunds on parts once ordered.
    • If the customer is not satisfied with any repair, he or she must contact Fixstation within forty-eight (48) days of receipt of the device. The repair is considered final and accepted and no correspondence shall be entered into for concerns raised more than forty-eight (48) hours after receipt.
  7. Workmanship

    • The Fixstation repair staff is highly skilled and takes every care with your device. Nevertheless, due to the delicate nature of device repair work, the customer acknowledges that minor cosmetic damage to the device, due to prising open tight gluing of the device components or otherwise, may result in a small minority of cases and agrees that Fixstation will not be liable to refund, reimburse or compensate for any such damage resulting from diagnostic work or successful repair. While Fixstation has a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ policy, it cannot be held liable for any minor cosmetic damage incurred as a result of the repair attempt.
    • Fixstation guarantees that where a repair is attempted, it will return the device to the customer in at least ninety percent (90%) of the condition in which it was received by us. Fixstation allows a ten percent (10%) margin for error in the case of any unavoidable minor scratches, scuff marks, dust, misalignment (gap space) etc.
    • Fixstation staff works in a dust-free environment wherever possible and always attempts to thoroughly clean a device during the course of and after a repair. However, in line with the ten percent (10%) margin for error mentioned above, the customer acknowledges and agrees that small amounts of residual dust can be unavoidable, particularly between LCD screens and the glass digitizer, therefore Fixstation cannot be held liable to refund, or to redo the repair, or to take the device back for cleaning.
    • In the unlikely event that major physical damage is caused to the device, and it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt that the damage was caused when in Fixstation’s possession, Fixstation will compensate the customer to the market value of the device (or a device with similar specification if that device is no longer available), excepting the value of any customer modifications to the device.
    • Fixstation will attempt to repair the fault described by the customer and will not attempt to repair any additional fault discovered without the customer’s prior consent.
    • Any warranty offered on a repair is valid for that repair only, and not for any unrelated fault or damage that may subsequently occur. If the device is assessed as being liquid damaged and is subsequently repaired, Fixstation takes no responsibility for any other fault that may occur within the warranty period due to unavoidable corrosion of internal/external parts that may have occurred at the time of liquid damage. The original repair shall not be refunded.
    • The customer acknowledges that any advice given by Fixstation staff should be viewed as personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of Fixstation as an entity. Fixstation will accept no responsibility for any actions the customer makes resulting from advice given by Fixstation staff.
    • Fixstation will notify the customer of an expected turnaround time for repair upon receipt of the device. Customers may track the progress of their device’s repair by entering the invoice number and customer name in the search box on the Fixstation home page.
    • Fixstation will notify the customer of the standard warranty offered on each repair and/or parts. The industry standard warranty is between 30-60 days.
  8. Shipping

    • Fixstation will not be liable for any loss or damage to your device in transit. Please ensure that appropriate packaging is used when delivering your device for repair. Fixstation uses registered post and cannot be held responsible for items lost in transit.
    • Fixstation uses a courier service to return items for repair and accepts no responsibility for items delayed in transit. Please contact the courier directly for information about delayed items.
    • Shipping costs do not include any insurance. If you wish to have your item insured for delivery, please request this at the time of ordering. Additional fees will be incurred and quotes are available on request.