If you remember reading about the superhydrophobic coating a few years ago that repels water and liquids… well it’s hit the shelves in the US for $20 and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Besides being able to do cool party tricks, the real world application for technologies is being able to virtually waterproof your electronic devices by repelling water away from the circuit board.

Check out this video below – submerging iPhone begins 3m 21s

Although the FAQ included with the NeverWet instructions (PDF) advises not to use it on electronics, the video says otherwise!

By spraying the superhydrophobic coating on the inside of the phone  (not the outside as skin oil, soaps, etc will remove the coating), the phone repels water to prevent damage to the logic board.

Note that if you already have your hands on NeverWet, we would advise to apply it as a safeguard measure in case you drop the phone in water. It by no means waterproofs the phone completely as under certain depths, water will still force its way through or if the preventative coating wears off. Still pretty neat though!

Lots of uses for this come to mind… spray yourself, attend tough mudder, ???, profit!

What would you do?

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