Oct 10

Repair Cafes

We here at Fixstation got really excited when we heard about “Repair Cafes” being established in Amsterdam. These repair cafes provide a place where people with the know-how of repairing things from clothing, furniture, electronic devices meet with people who need things fixed… over a cup of coffee… for free.

This put an idea in to our heads: with the increasing market for mobile devices, and gravity’s ever prescense, there will be many more broken screens to cater to. We started talking about developing a Fixstation Cafe in the future.

Fixstation Cafe will involve people who need their digital devices fixed, our tools and expertise, and of course coffee. Our vision for this is to hold it once or twice a week, partner up with a local cafe for their beans and baristas and provide a quiet learning place where all the tools are provided free of charge and the parts are available at hand.

We are still in talks of developing this idea (unfortunately also how to monetize it) and we hope that Fixstation will become big enough to hold such an event where we can give back to the community some of the skills we have learnt over the years during our operation with your support.

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