Thought Nokia was dead? Thought Apple is the most popular phone around the world? Thought Blackberry was only used by suit wearing people in Washington? Think again.

Whilst you might have thought Apple would be the dominant player world wide, according to data from Global Stats it’s Samsung which holds 26.2 percent of the world’s market. Apple and Nokia come in a distant second at around 20% each.

Highest Market Share Phones By Country

Highest Market Share Phones By Country

Samsung is the most popular brand in 92 countries, with Apple and Nokia holding the lead position in just 60 countries. Apple’s dominance is found in countries with advanced economies and higher GDP, whilst Nokia’s market strength comes from low per capita income.

So What About Australia?

It’s no surprise to find that Apple has the highest market share in Australia, at 65.03%. Samsung way behind at 22.31% and all others combined at less than 15%.

Mobile Phone Market Share in Australia

Mobile Phone Market Share in Australia

Apple’s lead over Samsung is declining at a steady pace, Apple losing 3% of market share and Samsung gaining 4% compared to 2012.

So what does all this mean for Australians? Well, there is some indication to suggest that it will mean more broken screens. Watch what happened in this test by Square Trade:

Not only that, but many sources claim that the new iPhones are even more breakable than the older versions, meaning even if you stick with iPhone it’s still only getting worse.

So, what can we learn from all this, well, it appears only 20% of the world have it right, with the what seems to be the world least breakable phone.

Unbreakable Phone

But what if you still want to keep your glossy iPhone. Thankfully there are somethings you can do to protect your it. Check out our test of the Tank Guard:

Have You Broken Your Phone?

Have you smashed your screen, and what was it. Have you had the same phone break twice. And would you make a change to “the other side”. Tell us in the comments.


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