A quick comparison on what the new iPhone 5 range looks like compared with eachother, and its current top competitor the Samsung Galaxy S4.

,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 5,Samsung S4
Operating system,iOS 7,iOS 7,iOS 6,Android 4.2 (upgradeable to 4.3)
Display,4-inch IPS LCD; 1\,136×640 pixels\, 326 ppi,4-inch IPS LCD; 1\,136×640 pixels\, 326 ppi,4-inch IPS LCD; 1\,136×640 pixels\, 326 ppi,5-inch IPS LCD; 1\,920×1\,080 pixels\, 441ppi
Price (AUD),$869\, $999\, $1129,$739\, $869,No longer sold,$768
4G LTE,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes
Camera,8-megapixel\, 1080p front-facing\, dual-element flash,8-megapixel\, 720p front-facing,8-megapixel\, 720p front-facing,13-megapixel\, 1080p front-facing
Processor,Proprietary A7 CPU (64-bit),Proprietary A6 CPU (32-bit),Proprietary A6 CPU (32-bit),1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU (32-bit)
Memory,16GB\, 32GB\, 64GB,16GB\, 32GB,16GB\, 32GB\, 64GB,16GB\, 32GB\, 64GB (expandable)
Battery,Up to 10 hours,Up to 10 hours on 3G,Up to 8 hours on 3G,Up to 17 hours
Fingerprint scanner,Yes,No,No,No
Dedicated fitness tracking,Yes,No,No,Yes
Weight and thickness,112 grams\, 7.62 millimetres,132 grams\, 8.89 millimetres,112 grams\, 7.62 millimetres,130 grams \,7.9 millimetres
Colors,Gray\, gold\, silver,Blue\, green\, pink\, yellow\, white,Black\, white,Black\, white

Will you buy the new iPhone 5 series? Which one and why?

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