On January 29, 2013, Apple released the long-awaited iOS 6.1 update. Although the last update was released only two months ago, iPhone users had many expectations and hopes for the latest free update. Not everyone’s expectations were met, but the new release does take care of several glitches, and it provides enough new content to make most iPhone lovers very happy. Unfortunately, though, the iOS 6.1 update has also been causing issues for a lot of the people who chose to download it as soon as it became available.

Which New Features are Included in the iOS 6.1 Update?

Apple lovers worldwide now have access to LTE support, and this is definitely a positive change. Not only does this feature provide faster web browsing, but it also provides users with almost instantaneous iTunes store downloads, faster access to iCloud services and extremely smooth video calling with Face Time.

Users in the U.S. will now be able to utilize Siri to quickly purchase movie tickets from Fandango. Another perk of the U.S. version of the iOS 6.1 update is the ability to select individual songs for download from the user’s iCloud account into their iPhone or other iOS devices. During the announcement about these new features, a representative for Apple indicated that the company had included them to enable their users to stay fully connected while they are on the go.

Which Features have Received Useful Improvements?

Part of the reason that Apple users were heavily anticipating the iOS 6.1 update is because some of the previous version’s features exhibited a lot of glitches. Apple addressed one of the main issues by giving their Apple Maps feature a complete overhaul. Users will now be able to see a flyover view of exclusively designed cartography, and the program will also provide turn-by-turn navigation. Although the Apple Maps software has failed to impress people in the past, it is Apple’s expectation that the new version will provide the immensely popular Google Maps service with stiff competition.

The Apple Maps overhaul is definitely the most noticeable change to a feature that already existed, but the iOS 6.1 update does also include a few minor tweaks to other previously available items. Users may notice a slight difference the next time they load Apple’s Pass Book software and Safari, and the playback lock screen also received a minor update.

Which Features are Missing?

Even though the iOS software has over 300 million users, which makes it the most popular operating system in the world, there are still hundreds of improvements that Apple fans have been clamoring for. A few of these items were addressed in the iOS 6.1 update, but there are still many other features and tweaks that users are hoping for. For example, many iPhone users have requested the ability to respond to text messages without needing to leave whichever application they have open. Other popular requests include the ability to determine when the low battery alert will appear, a language translator provided by Siri, an option to cancel text messages before they go through, the inclusion of walking and bus routes in Apple Maps and the option to have a group chat with multiple people at once via FaceTime.

Although the list above contains some very useful ideas for a future iOS update, it remains to be seen whether any of them will ever be considered by Apple’s developers. It is well-known that Apple tends to be secretive about their latest updates and releases until the day that each new item launches, so iOS users will most likely have to wait a couple of months before they learn if any of the items on their wish list will be included in the next system update.

Launch Day Errors

Various tech websites have been discussing the issues that some iOS users have experienced since installing the 6.1 update. Although it is common for some problems to present themselves with each update, the most recent issues highlight why so many people choose to wait a few weeks before they install updates. According to Softpedia and a thread on Apple’s community message board, several users are having difficulty verifying the update. A much bigger issue, though, has impacted several users by leaving them with service issues in locations where they used to always receive a strong signal. If these issues become widespread, Apple is certain to release a quick patch to take care of the problem. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact Apple’s support department if you are dealing with issues that were brought on by the latest update.

What are Your Thoughts?

Now that the iOS 6.1 update is finally here, are you pleased with the new features and updates, or did Apple fail to address the top items on your wish list? Have you experienced any issues with your Apple product as a result of installing the update? Sound off in the comment section below to let us know about your experiences and your personal feelings on the latest update.

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