As our slogan goes, If We Can’t Fix it, No One Can, so our friends over at Macfixit decided to take us on by publicly issuing us a challenge!

They claimed to have in their possession an iPhone that was unrepairable. It was dubbed the football phone because as rumour goes, the owner dropped kicked it across the room one night thinking it was a football.

Did we repair it?

Of course! A number of items had to be replaced because they were bent out of shape, but the most difficult hurdle in the repair was the logic board. It had a damaged thermo chip which couldn’t regulate the temperature properly when in use, or worse when it was charging.

Items repaired:

  • Logic board
  • New chassy (old one was bent out of shape)
  • Volume flex
  • Dock connector
  • Battery (just to be safe)
  • Front & back screen (glass everywhere!)
  • Manhours ~2 hours
  • Cost ~$300

If you have a phone that has suffered this much damage, don’t bother repairing it :)

Oh and Macfixit…


.. just kidding, we love you.

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