Little known fact by most people when purchasing apple warranty is that water damage is not covered under their policy – it’s warranty, not insurance!

Apple installs sensors in certain areas within the iPhone to indicate if it’s been in contact with any type of liquid. White when untouched, and red if touched.

iPhone water damage indicator

Traditionally Apple had an all-or-nothing approach when the water damage sensor has been activated, but revised their policy to allow for inspection of the iPhone closer based on the corrosion of surrounding areas and water sensors inside the phone – as sometimes humidity, rain, or non-submerging factors can set off the indicator.

iPhone 5 water damage indicator


iPhone Water Damage Indicator Sensors


iPhone 4s water damage indicator

iPhone 4S water damage indicator

iPhone 3G water damage indicator

iPhone 3G water damage indicator

Note that these aren’t the only water damage indicators on the phone – Apple are a lot smarter than that. When opened, there are further water damage indicators within the logicboard itself which is how Apple know if it’s suffered from water damage.

Water damaged iPhoneExample of water damaged iPhone – red indicator

What to do if your iPhone gets wet

  1. Turn your iPhone off immediately. Don’t attempt to charge it or connect it to a PC for backup.
  2. Hand dry your iPhone with soft dry cloth, paying extra attention to the headphone jack, charging port, and sim card slot (after you remove it).
  3. Place the iPhone in a bag of uncooked rice for 48 hours. You can add silica packages with the rice to help speed up the process. The uncooked rice will help absorb any remaining moisture within the iPhone
  4. After 48 hours, reconnect everything and with a bit of luck you might have saved your iPhone.

..of course, if all else fails eBay has some interesting solutions if you’re game enough to try yourself Mmkay – or you could come in and we’ll tell you if your phone can be saved!

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