Right about now, most people are probably aware of the highly touted features that are packed into the Samsung Galaxy S4. S Health, Air Gesture, Dual Camera and other popular features regularly get the bulk of the praise, but there are a number of lesser known features that seem to magically appear out of nowhere after anyone has used the phone for a while.

No, it isn’t the work of David Blaine, but rather the ingenious engineering of the S4 designers who know how to really pack a punch. From the Samsung Edition of Trip Advisor and a scratch resistant ultra-sensitive display, to MHL 2.0 and a remarkable 5G Wi-Fi, here is a little more insight into the cool features of this cutting-edge phone.

Ultra-Sensitive Display

Galaxy S4 Ultra Sensitive Display

The Samsung Galaxy S4 utilizes advanced touchscreen technology that lets users easily navigate the touchscreen phone wearing gloves. Yes, in addition to nails, pens, spoons and the usual suspects, Arctic citizens can now keep their hands warm and operate their smart phones at the same time. This super-handy feature is not only perfect for people in colder regions, but construction workers and snowboarders can now take calls or send te
xt whenever they want. However, it is advisable to keep an eye out for oncoming trees or falling 2X4’s.

Scratch Resistant Gorilla Glass 3

Galaxy S4 Gorilla GlassIf the thought of using a pen or nail to operate the ultra-sensitive touchscreen of the Galaxy S4 led to scratched up visions of past phones appearing in your mind, there is no need to worry, as the S4 is the first ever mobile phone that comes equipped with the coveted Gorilla Glass 3 protection. You may already be a fan of Gorilla Glass 2, but Gorilla Glass 3 is even less prone to scratching. This means you can use nails, screws, rocks or whatever other strange objects you choose and never have to worry about turning your screen into a scratched up mess. Next thing you know, you’ll be able to feed your phone to a Great White and still be able to see videos in HD.

Mobeam Technology

The days of spending hours cutting and organizing coupons are long gone. Serial couponers and anyone in search of a quick deal will love the Mobeam feature. The Galaxy S4 comes automatically embedded with Mobeam’s unique light-based communications technology. This provides users with the ability to pull up coupon bar codes that can be easily scanned by merchants right off their phone. This could be an e-commerce game changer, as there is nothing left for merchants to install in order to execute these scans. They simply need to have a POS barcode scanner, which most have.

3rd Party Accessible Barometer, Thermometer, and Hygrometer Sensors

There may be a number of Android phones that have a built-in barometer, but the Galaxy S4 is currently the only phone to have a thermometer and hygrometer as well. Before jumping on the gimmick train, realize that these metrics all serve a useful purpose. Each is used in measuring temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure that surrounds you wherever you may be. The S Health app can even use these to provide you with visual reports of your surroundings.

In addition giving you the ability to acquire more accurate GPS readings, 3rd party apps, such as pressureNET, are now using such tools. The pressureNET app is an atmospheric pressure reader that uses Google Maps to pin data. The data is graphed over time, which allows for better weather forecasting for everyone through the increased availability of live atmospheric data.

5G and 802.11ac Wi-Fi

5g Speeds5G Wi-Fi and 802.11ac have the theoretical ability to reach astoundingly fast one gigabyte connection speeds, and both of these come standard on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Many phones still utilize the previous 802.11n versions that are up to three times slower. The technology is so advanced that there are very few 802.11ac routers available to the public, but 5G Wi-Fi capabilities are extremely important for the advanced Group Play, S Beam, and Wi-Fi Direct features, which all require faster video/music streams and file swaps. Thus, the faster operating speed of the S4 is evident during regular use and the use of these specialized features.

MHL 2.0

The MHL 2.0 wired connectivity support of the Samsung Galaxy S4 provides much more than faster music and video streams. It also allows the S4 to charge twice as fast whenever it is plugged into the MHL port of TV’s or computer monitors. This is an important feature whenever you are involved in intense gaming sessions that are notoriously known for draining the battery life of a phone.

Wolfson Audio

The Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 comes equipped with a powerful Exynos 5 Octa processor and a top of the line Wolfson WM5102 audio chip. This provides much better sound quality than the standard DAC that is embedded in versions of the S4 that utilize the Snapdragon 600 chip from Qualcomm. However, the S4 seems to automatically default to the standard 48kHz, which might not make as big of a difference as one might think. These kinks will likely be worked out sooner rather than later in order to fully capitalize on this enhanced sound technology.

Standard Swiftkey

In a continued effort to lead the way in phone technology, Samsung has partnered with Swiftkey to provide users with the absolute best free Android keyboard available on the market today. The standard Swiftkey keyboard utilizes the same Flow finger-tracing technology and revolutionary memory and prediction algorithms that have made Swiftkey the leading Android keyboard seller in the world.


The popularity and function of TripAdvisor is known throughout the world and has made it the leading travel review site. Samsung has taken the S4 to the next level by fully integrating the comprehensive TripAdvisor travel database into their Android phones. The app itself is called TripAdvisor Samsung Edition, and its new interface contains a useful geo-tracking widget that shows local attractions and activities that surround you. A scrollable photo strip is also included amongst other features. The ability to flip between these features without having to actually turn the app on is a unique capability that is exclusive to the Galaxy S4.

Safety Assistance

Rounding out the list is the quite handy Safety Assistance feature that automatically shoots photos from both cameras and sends them directly to authorities and emergency contacts in emergency situations. A user must simply hold the volume up or down in order to operate this potentially life-saving feature.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has more features than most. They may be easy to overlook, but the incredible uses and functionality of these features will become evident after just a short while. After all, the body of a car may catch your eye, but it’s what’s under the hood that really matters.

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