Honest advice before every repair

How Fixstation started

When Fixstation’s founder was told by an ‘expert’ that his faulty laptop logic board was beyond repair, he set about fixing the machine himself – and succeeded. Winning this victory sparked a lasting passion for repairing electronic devices that led to the birth of Fixstation, a specialist device repair company based in Melbourne, where if a fault can be fixed it will be fixed, and if it can’t, there is absolutely nothing to pay.

From those humble beginnings, Fixstation is now the leading electronics device repairer in the Melbourne area, and operates Australia-wide to repair and restore all Apple devices including iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, and mobile technology of all other brands and models.

Founded to Provide Genuine Solutions

Some so-called device repairers will tell you that a broken screen can’t be replaced, or a logic board can’t be mended, simply because they’re far more interested in selling you a brand new device instead. Frustrated by this dishonest approach, We’re here to provide genuine solutions to technology problems, without the Hard Sell. Our customer focus and loyal, dedicated team ensure that our No Fix, No Fee policy is applied to every customer for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Repair Guarantee

If we can't fix it, there's no fee

Many years of valuable, hands-on experience focusing on component level repairs of notebook and GSM boards.

The repair of MacBook logic boards is one of Fixstation’s signature services. This is one particular MacBook repairs category that regularly beats many repair facilities and we take pride in never giving up on a MacBook board. To this end we take on all types of logic board repairs including fluid spills at the component level too.

The exclusive use of the top class industry standard equipment and the best components and spares.

Fixstation uses only precision, industry standard tools and equipment to carry out its repairs. Our hand tools are of the best quality possible and our test, rework and de/re-solder stations are supplied by industry leader such as BGA and Fluke. In addition, our equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure pin-point accuracy and total reliability.

Absolute dedication to our customers with quick & efficient service guaranteeing 24 hour response times & unconditional No Fix – No Fee policy.

Fixstation is driven by simple business ethos of customer service first, foremost and above all and will never settle for anything less. Our customers can look forward to having their repairs carried out by a company that truly cares about the outcome, the customers input and impressions and cherishes long term relationships with loyal clients.